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Lighting Design
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tailored to you

Beautiful, emotive lighting to bring harmony and balance to living spaces.

Lighting is emotive. Natural light is part of us and how we live daily. Light wakes us, energises us, affects our mood and wellbeing. So in creating living spaces, internally or externally, it is vital we give due consideration to the use of artificial light, using discretion through layering, colour temperature, smooth dimming and the reduction of glare.


Through tailored consultancy and a bespoke lighting design process, our aim is to help you achieve that balance between practical, architectural and decorative lighting to enhance how you live, work and play.

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"Zed, honestly the lighting in the house is like a miracle. Every word you said to me at that first meeting has been delivered - you have made the house glow, the rooms smile, the fireplaces pop and the bones of the house shine.  I am seeing things that I had never appreciated before that have emerged because of the way you have highlighted them. I don’t know how you do what you do, but bloody hell you really do do it.”



Products that do the job beautifully

Products are chosen for quality, design, longevity and guarantees from industry-respected suppliers.

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