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LIGHT IS AN emotion

As a lighting designer, my goal is to help people enrich their environment through light, both aesthetically and practically.

Lighting is emotive and therefore it needs to work in harmony with us as individuals - both in our homes and workplaces. When we see light as an emotion, we can understand the effect it has on our mood and wellbeing.


My daily work is exciting and diverse, ranging from the discovery and sourcing of beautiful one-off pieces to the planning of complex aesthetic lighting systems.


I work closely with my clients to use light and space to completely refresh interiors, striving to breathe life, personality, energy and subtle elements of fun into each living space. It’s a very personal thing to choose lighting, and I feel truly privileged to be let into your lives and tailor your lighting plan to the exact scope of how you want to live, work and entertain. 

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My journey to lighting design

Through a career in Marketing, combined with travelling and working in Europe and the US and being an event organiser for the Olympia Fine Art & Antiques Fairs in London, I have always loved being immersed in a world of aesthetics - be it architecture, design, textiles, art, objet and sculpture.

Though on reflection, I soon realised that whether I was in a home, a garden, at an event or in retail space...

it was light that was the key factor to how I navigated, how I felt and what made me look twice...


And very often the power can be in the gentleness and sparseness of well placed light.

Moving our family to Suffolk gave me another home renovation project and the drive to learn more about the effects of light through interior design, colour and texture.

On deciding that there was not enough guidance with the emerging LED revolution, I set off to complete a residential lighting course at University of the Arts London. From here I returned and set up my own business in the hope of helping others, with samples in hand to show them the importance of well thought out lighting within their own projects.

For the past 5 years, I have been based in offices in the hub of Ipswich above the beautiful Joseph Read Lighting Studio. I remain a fully independent lighting designer, though our collaboration means I have the latest technical expertise available for my projects and a wide variety of high quality, beautifully designed luminaires that I can test, try and experience with my clients so they have a choice too.

The industry is growing daily, the creativity is unfathomable, and with that the challenges and complexities continually evolve, but nothing is more exciting that turning on the lights in a project for the first time and seeing a space come to life.




Tailored lighting designs, creative consultations and expert wiring plans to get the best out of every living space.


Hand-picked, custom pieces to perfectly match your lighting needs - all from leading designer brands. 


Trained and experienced in technical lighting plans and design, I manage your project from start to finish.

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