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LIGHT IS AN emotion

In 2013, I set up my company fuelled with a passion to help people enrich their environment through light, both aesthetically and practically.  


Lighting is emotive and therefore it needs to work in harmony with us as individuals - both in our homes and workplaces. When we see light as an emotion, we can understand the effect it has on our mood and wellbeing.

My daily work is exciting and diverse. It ranges from finding beautiful one-off pieces to planning complex aesthetic lighting designs, working closely with my clients to create refreshing, personal and creative.

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address: 77 Dales Rd, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 4JR


Tailored lighting designs, creative consultations and expert wiring plans to get the best out of every living space.


Hand-picked, custom pieces to perfectly match your lighting needs - all from leading designer brands. 


Trained and experienced in technical lighting plans and design, I manage your project from start to finish.



Taking the headache out of lighting design

Lighting is a vitally important part to any residential or commercial space, but it has now also become increasingly complicated with the introduction of LEDs.


Clients call me to simply ask what bulbs they should buy as the choice has become so ridiculous.  That in itself explains why I set my business up, seeing the confusion that we all have to face just talking to our electricians about how we can make our lighting better, more ambient, dramatic or simply cut the bills.


My time can be used to advise in styling a room to make the most of the light you have, to creating a completely new wiring plan and taking the headache out of choosing fixtures and fittings.


If you would like to ask a question simply give me a call on 07771 931782 or likewise book in a home consultation by emailing me at


Opt for the personal touch with bespoke lighting

Sometimes it's not on the shelf, there is a personal touch required in bespoke product.


Helping clients to seek out design and create bespoke pieces that have a personal touch, is really rewarding .


Handpainted lamps or lampshades can be a great present and also make a talking piece in a room.  


This also applies to design. Lamps and pendants that can be handmade bespoke.

Bespoke sourcing


Experienced in quality installations

My training as a lighting design architectural practitioner has allowed to me see my clients' ideas turn into reality. It's a joy to oversee projects as they develop from technical engineered drawings to the high-quality, handcrafted finished outcome.

Project Management
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